Barbecue Biscuits & Beans

Barbecue Biscuits & Beans
Whether donning denim or black tie, chuck wagon cooking champion Bill Cauble and Clifford Teinert whip up menus to please cowboys, city slickers, VIPs and family. True to the heritage of the Old West, Cauble and Teinert capture and preserve the culture of the cowboy and the rustic romance of the great American cattle drive in Barbecue Biscuits and Beans. Recipies for every occasion from casual cookouts, to family celebrations, to black tie dinners include basic barbecue, whole rib eye, ranch beans, fresh summer vegetables, fragrant sourdough biscuits, savory sauces, fruit cobblers, and the best bread puddings. The easy-to-follow recipes are accompanied by tips, tales and tidbits from two of the foremost authorities on cooking with live coals. The book is beautifully illustrated with four-color photographs that showcase no only the food, but also cowboys and the cowboy way of life. Sure to make your mouth water and your stomach growl.
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