Beyond the Law - Emmett Dalton

Beyond the Law - Emmett Dalton
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Many Western outlaw gangs have reached mythological proportions, but the Dalton gang stands above the rest for their daring exploits and because their criminality represented, in the case of Gratton and Bob, lawmen who turned their backs on laws they found to be criminally flawed. Though there are a number of tales of their exploits, this is a rare first-hand account of a Western outlaw. Emmett Dalton was the youngest of four brothers who, along with a number of non-family members, robbed trains and banks and stole horses for several years before the death of Bob and Gratton Dalton in 1893. Emmett Dalton was seriously injured in the same raid in which his brothers were killed and subsequently served fourteen years of a life sentence in the Kansas State Penitentiary before his pardon in 1907. He lived another thirty years in Long Beach, California. First published in 1918, Beyond the Law details the time when sheriffs were paid for each man they hanged, when law enforcement rode under the banner of Smith and Wesson, rather than To Serve and Protect, and when outlaws ruled the rails. Written by Emmitt Dalton - Paperback - 190 pages
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