Big Ranch Country, The

Big Ranch Country, The
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Williams made many informal excursions to study their history, founders and owners, picking up facts, folklore and range gossip along the way. He documents the fifteen largest ranches in Texas and the ways they adapted to changing conditions in the ranching industry. Photographs and maps illustrate the text. Though it never received wide circulation following its publication in 1954, The Big Ranch Country has been recognized as a standard work by ranch historians. J. W. Williams wrote often in books and newspapers about West Texas, and his work is still cited by authors and scholars. “The greatest merits of The Big Ranch Country are its personal, almost conversational style, and the very fact that it is dated.... [M]odern-day realities do not impose themselves on this nostalgic work.”— Ty Cashion “A valuable addition to the collector of Texana and to the mid-century reader who might have wondered just where the large range properties are and how they got that way.”—William M. Pearce, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, April 1956
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