Cowboy Mafia Was $14.95 Now On Sale $9.95

Cowboy Mafia Was $14.95 Now On Sale $9.95
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Written by Roy Graham, Cauble's personal pilot, this book tell the story of the flamboyant Texas rancher and member of the famed Cowboy Mafia, who was convicted in 1982 for his part in helping to smuggle marijuana into Texas from South America, who had $12 million worth of assets seized by the government, and who was sentenced to 50 years in prison (but who served only 5 years). Cauble owned a chain of western stores and the world champion cutting horse, Cutter Bill. He also had ranching, banking and business interests all across Texas, but lost it all in one of the biggest crime stories of the times. While this is an interesting story, the editing of the book leaves something to be desired.
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