Crime Buffs Guide to Outlaw Texas

From outlaws like Sam Bass and John Wesley Hardin to Bonnie and Clyde and Houston’s notorious Candy Man killer, Texas has dozens of places where true-crime buffs can actually stand close to history. For many readers, the attraction to these sites—some well-known, some obscured by time—is irresistible. Written with the same fast-paced, gripping style that marked the author’s widely praised earlier work, The Crime Buff’s Guide to Outlaw Texas is an indispensable resource for both criminal-history enthusiasts and travelers. Each site description includes a concise summary of the location’s significance, historical context, maps, directions, and photos. Written by Ron Franscell a rising true-crime author, a seasoned traveler, and a Texan. His third book, the bestselling The Darkest Night (previously released in hardcover as Fall), established him as one of the most provocative new voices in narrative nonfiction. Paperback - 232 pages
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