Hank the Cowdog #26

Hank the Cowdog #26
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Quail season has started and guess who's coming to the ranch to show off his pointing ability: Plato the Birddog, one of Hank's least favorite dogs in the world. Plato has worked out all summer and he's all set to impress the lovely Miss Beulah, who watches from the pickup. Hank can't stand it any longer and tries to impress Miss Beulah with some bird work of his own. He chases a flock of noisy wild turkeys away from the house, only to learn that Sally May has been feeding the turkeys so that she can watch them. Hank's in deep trouble again, but then he learns Miss Beulah has been kidnapped by that notorious coyote villain, Scraunch the Terrible. Can Hank save her? Will he get there in time?
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Best Values

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