I'll Do My Own Damn Killing: Benny Binion

I'll Do My Own Damn Killing: Benny Binion
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People know of the notorious Benny Binion for opening the Horseshoe and becoming the most successful casino owner in Las Vegas. But before he became the patron saint of the World Series of Poker, Binion led the Texas underground. Gambling was prohibited in Texas in the 1940s, and illicit casino owners and bootleggers could make a killing operating in Dallas's underground. More than two dozen illegal casinos operated in Dallas in 1940, and Binion ran more than half of them. At first, he adopted a "live and let live" attitude toward competing casinos. But bad blood soon developed between Binion and rival gambler and bootlegger Sam Murray. Murray was moving into Binion's territory in 1938, and was using his political influence to unleash the cops onto Benny's trail. It wasn't long before Binion had Murray shot, and Dallas's licentious fifteen-year gambling war began. With electrifying details and piquant style, author Gary Sleeper presents previously unseen details of Benny Binion's life, leading up to his infamous Las Vegas days when he became the owner of the most successful casino in the world. Written by Gary Sleeper - Paperback - 264 pages
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