Noah's Ride

Noah's Ride
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The plot features Noah, a plantation slave who escapes and makes his way to the Union forces and, finally, Texas, where he establishes a small ranch, runs a few cattle, and, with wife Nelly, begins to raise a family. But Noah, who has taken the name Freeman and named his ranch Free Land, cannot leave his past behind. The slave catcher Quint Carpenter is the local sheriff, and he's out for blood—specifically Noah's blood—after Noah's sister kills Quint's younger son. And carpetbagger Bear Coltrain, who once wanted to kidnap Noah and sell him back into slavery, now wants Noah's land. And then John Malone comes along—Noah once saved the former cavalry officer's life, and he wants to repay his debt. Can he help when someone kidnaps Noah's baby girl? Can he help save the ranch—and, finally, save Noah's life? Written by Elmer Kelton, Judy Alter, Carlton Stowers, Phyllis Allen, James Reasoner, Mary Rogers, Mike Blackman, Mike Cochran, Mary Dittoe Kelly, Jane Roberts Wood, James Ward Lee, and Jeff Guinn - Paperback - 178 pages
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