Oklahoma Renegades - Their Deeds and Misdeeds

Oklahoma Renegades - Their Deeds and Misdeeds
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Other, lesser-known characters from Oklahoma's past have received little, if any attention . . . until now. Now, the story of Bert Casey and his gang can be told. Casey was the fiercely violent leader of a band of outlaws that terrorized the people of Oklahoma. While not as well known or as organized as the larger groups of villains, the Casey gang and its exploits captured the attention of the citizens of Oklahoma, and of the law, for many years. Others mentioned include doctor-turned-deputy Zeno Beemblossom and the flamboyant, volatile defense attorney Moman Pruiett. Train robberies, murders, showdowns, and hangings were part of everyday life in the Twin Territories, and they are all featured in Oklahoma Renegades: Their Deeds and Misdeeds. Written by Ken Butler - Paperback - 240 pages
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