Photographing Horses

Photographing Horses
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This book is for people with an affinity for horses, regardless of their affinity for cameras. Logically, they have the greatest appreciation for better horse pictures, even if they don’t have a clue how to take them. “A camera teaches you how to see without a camera,” said Dorothea Lange, an influential photojournalist of the Depression era. Through the camera you develop a more discerning eye for horses. You distinguish more in their individual conformation and the dynamics of their movement, their expressions and behavior. You recognize the ephemeral quality of light and how it affects what we see. The world simply becomes a more interesting place. Horse photography does not lend itself to a traditional “how-to” approach, except at the most elementary level. It is not like paint-by-numbers. We don’t all have the same expectations, nor are we working with predictable ingredients. And that’s the beauty of it. Our photos are unique images of unique individuals. Lesli Groves, the former editor of The Quarter Horse Journal and America’s Horse, runs her own photography and video-production business in Weatherford, Texas.
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