Texas Cowpuncher DVD

Texas Cowpuncher DVD
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TEXAS COWPUNCHER was filmed across the vast reaches of the Lone Star State. In fact, the story is so big it will come in two parts. Part One reveals a complex history of the Cowpuncher with influences coming from Mexico, South Carolina and California. It goes back in time to the roots of some of the most famous ranches, including the 06, Pitchfork, XIT and Matador, where once longhons ruled until the Herefords and Angus made their way west. They do things differently here...and it's crystalized when Cowpuncher Buster Mclaury and Buckaroo Waddie Mitchell, each laud the virtures of their own style of cowboying. “Dally roping and taking as long as it takes is easier on your horse and cattle,” says Waddie. While Buster explains why his Daddy taught him the virtues of “tying on and getting ‘er done fast.” It was here in Texas, where the first cowboy songs originated. Don Edwards and the singing duo Guy and Pipp Gillette provide a musical journey through this history.
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